Food at the fine-dining level is a handmade thing; attention is paid to the finest details of each dish, its arrangement, presentation, smell, sound and taste. The dining room shares this mindset.

The tables are all in booths; semicircular embraces of soft leather and pale timber. Staff can move effortlessly between the two rows to serve across the open ends of each table.

The ceiling is a multilevelled hierarchy, flowing in an ordered arrangement from mirrored wall to windowed façade. Hand-folded brass responds to the booths, each shape enclosing purpose-built spots that light each table and containing bespoke perforated steel to diffuse sound. In between, brass tubes hold mechanical services and custom-grille covered speakers. And further between these, yellow zinc-plated steel tubes hold further services.

At one end of the room, a bar of brass and yellow steel is shaped specifically for the array of glasses used during service. On the ceiling, yellow steel holding lights wash the glasses and bottles below. At the other end, yellow steel tubes come down to form a wall and door to the outside world, a world where things aren’t so considered or complete.

MarchStudio PressClub Plan

Photography by Peter Bennetts.