Sneakerboy Melbourne consists of two main areas: the display area and the fitting room. These two areas are expressed in the façade, a large circular steel portal that directs the customer to the entrance and into the viewing chamber, while obscure glass blocks create a private fitting room bathed in natural light.

MarchStudio SBMelbourne Sec

The display area is designed with the same retro futurism of a subway station, a reference to the sneaker’s rise to fashion in New York’s transport strike of 1966. Illuminated curved glass shelves house the entire range of sneakers, a viewing canvas for 162 individual shoes, which can be dimmed and adjusted by changing the lighting. Scrolling LED tickers under each sneaker display the shoe’s designer. Customers are invited to scan the product with the Sneakerboy App for pricing and sizing. The LED’s, a portal into the online store, can react and respond to online activity, displaying comments like ‘JUST BOUGHT IN SHANGHAI’ or ‘SOLD OUT.’ 1200 metres of cabling, reminiscent of a server room, is left exposed through the glass shelves rather than hidden away, a reminder of the hardwired nature of technology and connectivity.

MarchStudio SBMelbourne

Photography by Peter Bennetts.